See where you can buy or try, in and around Thames Ditton

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bottle £35

For just £35 a bottle, your chance to purchase this exclusive Thames Ditton Gin. The empty bottle alone will become a collector's item!

miniatures £5

We also have a limited number of 50ml (5cl) miniatures available as stocking fillers. Also in packs of x12 for £50.

case of x6 £180

For the equivalent price of just £30 a bottle why not buy a case of Thames Ditton Gin - that’s six bottles!



What says I love you more than one of our hand crafted hampers.

£75 each

Gin glasses

A pair of large round bowl, glasses help to capture the flavours of our elegant gin.

£8 each or £15 a pair

Presentation wooden Gift Box

A bottle of gin, plus coasters and tonic (or crisps) in a branded wooden gift box.

£50 each



You can buy from Budgen’s in the High Street and Premier Wines.
If you're a local merchant, pub, club or society and want to sell Thames Ditton Gin
please get in touch.

Thames Ditton Gin has been a great success for us, our customers absolutely love it. I keep a bottle in the freezer to serve neat as a digestif, it works brilliantly on ice with some zest of orange! Keep it coming!
—   JP at Le Petit Nantais