#1 - St. Nicholas Church

Thames Ditton, St Nichs 1905.jpg

The first of four icons on our Thames Ditton Gin Label!

St. Nicholas Church

Did you know that St. Nicholas Church is a Grade-I listed building, dating back to the 12th century? Originally a long, narrow Norman building from the bell tower to the chancel - the space around the altar - the tower walls and the north wall of the chancel are part of the original Norman structure and contain long slender pointed arched window, known as lancet windows.

The hauntingly beautiful photograph above, taken at the eastern entrance to the church, shows some of the gates that used to enclose it. You can still see the stone gate posts today and it is near here that you will find the answer to our first clue.



I lie here rested by the old East gate,
In perpetuity ever lasting,
Samuel Johnson was my given name,
But what was the year of my passing?

The Answer to Clue 1 will unlock Clue 2 !