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Great idea for a local treasure hunt!
— Tom

Thames Ditton Gin is a craft gin, fondly produced in small batch quantities and infused with a special blend of botanicals inspired by the local area. Its unique recipe is taken from local heritage, at the very heart of Thames Ditton’s local community.

Thames Ditton is steeped in romantic history, perfect for those that love a good gin. Eros, the ‘Greek god of love’ originated here - in the form of the famous statue at Piccadilly Circus. Tales of old also include The Islanders to Royalty, Cesar Picton and Shelby’s AC Cobra made infamous at Le Mans.



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King William of Orange

In 1689, King William of Orange moved into Hampton Court Palace and immediately enacted a series of laws to encourage distillation. That eagerness certainly contributed to the later Gin Craze – in the 1720s, one in every four houses was thought to be home to distilling equipment of some kind.  Read more...


London Dry Gin has often been mistaken for Gin specifically made in London, instead the story goes that the original gin produced was referred to as 'Old Tom' was such bad quality and taste that turpentine was added to help improve the flavour. When Gordons Gin moved to Clerkenwell and started to triple distil their gin in the latter parts of 1760's, all gin using the same distillation process was able to use 'London Dry Gin' as a seal of quality.

Our gin is in the same London Dry Gin style and we use the same process for Thames Ditton Gin. We guarantee that our recipe excludes any trace of turps!

Produced in small batch and craft distilled our botanicals are inspired by the local area with costmary and lemon thyme that are found in the kitchen garden at Hampton Court Palace, along with the traditional genevere or juniper base. We've added just an embarrassment of zest from blood oranges acknowledging King William of Orange, latterly William III, who was all too familiar with the local area and the production of gin.

We will only ever produce in very small batch quantities to maintain the ultimate exclusivity of Thames Ditton Gin.


Tasting Notes

Produced in small batch quantities inspired by flavours of the local area and the heritage and stories from Thames Ditton and surrounding parts.

Blood Orange, Lemon Thyme and Costmary have been carefully selected and blended to combine with Juniper, producing a crisp and elegant gin in the classic London Dry style.

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The taste of the blood orange comes through perfectly and it’s super smooth so you can enjoy it with the smallest amount of tonic. It’s fresh, has a great citrus flavour and isn’t at all floral which I love!
— Eloisa