The Island 360

Thames Ditton Island from Ye Olde Swan

Thames Ditton Island from Ye Olde Swan


When Henry VIII straightened and deepened the Thames just downstream from his palace at Hampton Court in order to guarantee a smooth passage by river from Westminster to his palace and hunting grounds, the Islands - for there are three - were created. When the Thames became popular for London's elite to party, punt and skiff - made famous by Jerome K Jerome's Three Men in a Boat - The Island was firmly on the map so to speak!

Although separated from the 'mainland', The Island and Islanders are still very much part of Thames Ditton village life. In 1939 the current suspension bridge was built linking The Island with Ye Olde Swan pub and the rest of the village.

As a toast to The Island we bring you The Island Gin Cocktail inspired by The Island and the Islanders who live there. We toast you and salute you. Cheers!



1 part Thames Ditton Gin
½ part lemon juice
¼ part sugar syrup



Fill a shaker with ice cubes, add the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup.
Shake and strain into a chilled Champagne glass.
Top up with Champagne.