To the Manor born

A view from the rive of the Home of Compasion

A view from the rive of the Home of Compasion


The Hon. Charlotte Boyle Walsingham who settled and built the House of Compassion and originally called it Boyle Farm in 1786. In the late 18th and early 19th century famous politicians, writers, men of taste and Irish patriots were entertained here. The land on which the building is built is thought to have been part of a large estate called ‘Stringshaw’ during Henry VIII’s reign. During this reign a wealthy merchant, Erasmus Forde, purchased ‘Stringshaw’ and the property became known as Forde’s Farm. It remained in the ownership of the Forde family for 245 years.



Plenty of ice – at least 3 large cubes per glass
One table spoon of sugar – more if you have a sweet tooth or your rhubarb is tart
2 measures of Thames Ditton Gin
½ fresh lemon juice
1 stick of rhubarb



Use a Nutri-bullet, Bullet-mixer or Spice grinder to mash up ½ stick of Rhubarb and add your table spoon of sugar.

Use one table spoon of pulp and place in a cocktail shaker.

Add your measure of Thames Ditton Gin, ice and squeeze ½ a fresh lemon into the mix.

Shake and sieve into a Martini glass and serve with a small piece of rhubarb in the glass.

Sip slowly whilst thinking of bitter sweet love.